Mercedes Benz AMG GT

With its long nose and swooped-back cabin, the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Roadster evokes imagery of its sports car ancestors. There’s a functional reason for this design, too — the length of that snout means the GT’s powerful V8 engine sits behind the front axle, improving overall vehicle balance. Putting the driver so close to the rear wheels makes for a unique driving experience, once again reminiscent of classic sports cars.


As Mercedes-Benz’s sports car flagship, the GT represents the best of performance and technology. As you move up through the four different drive levels, the amount of electronic sophistication increases; computer controls take over the suspension dampers, limited-slip differential and even steering for the rear wheels.


Yet the GT isn’t overwhelmed by technology. Going in on the throttle is thrilling, not only because of the engine’s power but also thanks to the deep roar it makes under hard acceleration. It boasts rewarding handling that will satisfy anyone, even those set on extreme racetrack performance.


Gorgeous in aesthetics & drive experience, prepare for once of the most “sophisticated” sports cars to cruise Austin & the Hill Country.


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