Ferrari California T

Fast, comfortable and dramatic, the Ferrari California is the most well-rounded grand touring convertible in the company’s storied history.

Thanks to its retractable hardtop and refined yet powerful performance, the Ferrari California T can provide the comfort and security of a grand touring coupe, or the sunny exposure and more thrilling experience of an exotic roadster. Not only does it click off rapid, F1-style shifts, it does so without the low-speed herky-jerky motions of the single-clutch automated manuals found in previous Ferraris. It’s surprisingly agile and an easy car to drive… hard — perfect for the first-time Ferrari-ans.

The California T’s twin-turbo V-8 may make 108 fewer horses than version in the harder-core 488GTB, but you’ve still got 553 of them under your right foot—enough to hit 60 mph in under 3.6 seconds. More impressive is the bounteous torque on tap: the California blasts forward with an extravagant brawn you simply wouldn’t find in many of Ferrari’s previous, high-revving naturally aspirated V-8s.

Don’t worry: one blast through the gears and every hair on your neck will be aimed straight up at the constellation Pegasus.

Prepare for attention. Lots of it.


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