BMW M2 Competition – LAPIS

As an easy winner of Car & Drivers 10 best new cars, the M2 Competition is a two-door thrill ride that reaffirms BMW’s ability to build the ultimate driving machine. Based on the beloved 2-series, it has a wide-body appearance and high-performance upgrades. Its ballistic turbocharged engine teams up with a clairvoyant chassis that rewards time spent on the racetrack. M2’s stiff suspension is rigid-responsive by design… to provide the driver with a true communication experience with the car and the road.


The M2 Competition excites the senses behind the wheel and commands attention on the street. Those seeking a precision instrument for open road thrills, look no further.


Our M2 comes complete with some tasteful mods that include a performance tune, wider tires for more responsiveness, carbon fiber trim, and carbon fiber-rear wing.




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